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APRES AVOIR ACHETE quelques titres à 52.50 , et vendu ce matin à 57.60 , je viens de lire TRENDS Tendances de ce jour , et je vais patienter pour racheter !!....la concurrence devient féroce…On retourne plus bas….ATTENDRE …CC.


AMERICAN MARKETS OUTLOOK: U.S. stocks are expected to open slightly higher but on low volumes. Still, "sentiment is good after the Greece vote and German [unemployment] data," said Chris Purdy of Spreadex, adding that U.S. unemployment data is also likely to show a decline, pleasing investors.

At 1050 GMT, S&P 500 futures were up 1.75 points at 1306.05, Nasdaq 100 futures were up 4.00 points at 2298.00 and Dow industrial futures were up 35.00 points at 12239.00.

EUROPEAN MARKETS: European stocks were in the black as investors continued to capitalize on the positive momentum from the previous session after the Greek government successfully voted in favor of stringent austerity measures. But traders cautioned this may be little more than a modest relief rally, with further pain for Greece along the line likely to keep investors on their toes.

"With the [Greek] economy likely to continue to contract as a result of the fiscal measures, the implementation risk is elevated. Similarly, we believe the risk is high that the privatization targets are undershot," said BNP Paribas. "Following the relief rally, therefore, market tensions are likely to continue to bubble underneath the surface and erupt periodically," it added.

At 1050 GMT Euro Stoxx 50 was up 0.30% at 2809.64.

London's FTSE 100 held steady with investors responding positively to some upbeat corporate news after recent declines. BG Group was up 4.5% on expectations of higher earnings potential as the company doubled the total reserves and resources estimate for its Santos Basin interests off Brazil. Lloyds Banking Group continued to lead gains, despite coming off highs, after pleasing investors with cost-cutting plans and a strategy revamp. Petrofac lost 3.1% as it failed to impress with its interim management statement.

At 1050 GMT the index was up 0.5% at 5886.56.

Bunds slipped as European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet signaled a July rate rise by using the "strong vigilance" phrase [again] and saying the ECB is "strongly determined" to keep CPI expectations anchored. At 1050 GMT, September bunds were down 0.02 at 125.88, while September gilts were up 0.22 at 120.92.

Expectations of an ECB rate increase next week helped the euro as Trichet again used the code words "strong vigilance," however, there is downside potential as the time for the second Greek vote nears. The vote on implementation bills for austerity plan gets underway 1100 GMT but, like Wednesday, could go on for some time. The Australian and New Zealand dollar were still well bid. Friday's U.S. ISM number and the Chicago PMI later today may be key.

At 1050 GMT, the dollar was down at Y80.42, the euro was up at $1.4479 and the pound was down at $1.6005.

TAUX A LA HAUSSE  !!!!!!......

ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet indicates that interest rates are likely to rise at the ECB's upcoming meeting July 7. Trichet says central bank remains of the belief that "strong vigilance" is warranted to combat inflationary pressures.

HEARD ON THE STREET: The discrepancy between two of the world's major benchmarks, West Texas Intermediate and Brent, has gone beyond a joke. Historically, higher quality WTI traded at a small premium to Brent, but that pattern has sharply reversed in 2011. Confidence in WTI as a key global oil price marker is eroding.


INDICES A 14H42...

BEL 20 * 2555.71 7.78 0.31 %  
AEX 25 * 336.68 1.40 0.42 %  
CAC 40 * 3939.08 14.85 0.38 %  
Euronext 100 * 697.77 2.92 0.42 %  
Next 150 * 1685.95 11.03 0.66 %  
DAX 30 7301.23 7.09 0.10 %  
MIB 30 19,881.75 17.08 0.09 %  
IBEX 35 10236.30 92.70 0.91 %  
SMI 6,102.03 0.48 0.01 %  
SLI 951.81 2.26 0.24 %  
SPI 5,609.23 4.01 0.07 %  
FTSE™ 100 5887.49 31.54 0.54 %  
Dow Jones * 12,261.42 0.00 0.00 %  
Nasdaq 100 2,294.43 0.00 0.00 %  
Nasdaq 2,740.49 0.00 0.00 %  
OMX Nordic 40 1,013.16 6.98 0.69 %  
OMX Helsinki 25 2,368.53 27.08 1.16 %  
OMX Stockholm 30 1,107.23 7.20 0.65 %


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